Kratom Tea: Why Choose the Brew over other Kratom Options

For centuries, individuals native to Southeast Asia countries such as Malaysia and Thailand have continue to rely on leaves from the evergreen tree known as kratom to boost energy, stimulate relaxation and balance moods. One of their favorite methods of consuming the herb was by brewing it into tea.

Fast forward to our time. Kratom and Kratom tea have both seen a surge in popularity world over. Many enthusiasts of the herb and especially opt to consume Kratom by brewing its tea. There are many benefits you can derive from the plant and drinking its tea. If you have been considering Kratom, wondering how to go about using it, you are in the right place. Kratom tea would be perfect for you – let’s look at the effects and advantages of kratom tea.

The Effects of Kratom Tea

There are various effects and benefits to be derived from sipping on a cup of Kratom tea. These include;

Pain Relief – Kratom has been known to offer minor pain relief without the addictive behaviors common in other opioids.

Energy Boost – The herb was traditionally used all over Southeast Asia by farm workers for that invaluable energy boost. By chewing the plant’s leaves, workers were able to combat fatigue and continue working for longer hours still.

Enhanced Relaxation – As all other stimulants, Kratom has extracts that work on neuromuscular junctions to stimulate a relaxed feeling. A cup of Kratom tea would, thus, be perfect for your relaxation after a long workday.

Managed moods – Are you feeling more depressed lately? Some kratom tea is just what you need. The herb contains extracts with antidepressant qualities. It would, thus, be perfect to calm your mind and with tranquil moods.

Why opt for Kratom tea?

You might be wondering, what’s so special about Kratom tea? Its powder is quite bitter after all, and the mud-taste does not help things much either. Is Kratom tea any better?

Worry not for kratom tea has some clear advantages that are just not available with other kratom ingestion options. Some of these advantages include;

Fighting of Abdominal Pain – Kratom has been known to induce abdominal pain with continued use. However, there is evidence that Kratom tea can fight abdominal pain due to Kratom usage. Want to view first-hand experiences of the above effect? Have a look at this Sub-Reddit(1) on Kratom.

Improved Taste – Yes, Kratom extracts have a crappy taste and you will often have to force it down your throat. Kratom tea, however, can be made to be significantly better tasting. A little honey, especially does wonders to the brew. As well, if you are a fan of tea flavors, you can experiment of different flavors until you find what works for you.

Ritual Forming – just like coffee, there is a particularly unique aspect about Kratom. Just like coffee, there is great please in preparing the perfect cup of Kratom tea, and much satisfaction in sipping at it afterwards. The deeply relaxing state that follows soon after just adds to the awesomeness of the entire experience making you want to repeat it all over again soon.