Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom Vendor Reviews

Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom is an online store. This store is linked with the selling of Kratom. Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom is located in Boise, Idaho. This vendor was started in the year 2013. According to the reviews, Happy Hippo Herbal Kratom is an excellent vendor. This store is included among the top-rated vendors selling Kratom. They sell Kratom, which is absolute of unique and high quality. They don’t believe in selling low-quality products at low rates. They sell products with unexcelled and remarkable quality. They charge exactly what they are giving in return.


Products offered by Happy Hippo Herbal Kratom:

Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom offers following products to the customers:

1) Kava

2) Phenibut

3) Variety of Kratom strains

Variety of Kratom strains available at Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom:

Following diverse strains of Kratom are available at this vendor:

  1. Hyper Hippo or Maeng Da Elite Green
  2. Happy Hippo I
  3. Happy Hippo 2
  4. Smiley Hippo or Red Horn
  5. Super White Indo
  6. Super Green Indo
  7. Fun Hippo
  8. Sleep Hippo or Yellow Sumatra
  9. Sky Hippo or White Sumatra

Quality of the products:

The quality of the products is remarkable and excellent. They offer pure Kratom with no additional harmful ingredients. They sell Kratom with a weight of 1 oz and 4 oz. They have never cheated the customers by selling products with less weight. If your weight then the pressure will be exactly the same as mentioned by them. Their products are freshly harvested. They never sell too old cultivated products, which is a plus point for them. It has been observed that the other vendors sell the products which are harvested two years ago even. Happy Hippo Kratom is not like that. They always deliver fresh products which are collected only two months before.



Happy Hippo Kratom also gives examples to their customers. They offer a sample of more than 1 Kratom strains on each product. The samples are provided entirely free without any hidden charges. This makes it easy for buyers to choose what they actually want.

Delivery of the ordered products:

Happy Hippo Herbal Kratom takes approximately 2 – 5 days for the delivery of the products. They had never made time for more than five days.

Payment methods:

Happy Hippo Kratom receives payments through credit cards, Visa card or Master card as well as the Bitcoin. In the past, the payments methods were not available at this vendor. They only take payments through Dwolla, which is similar to Paypal. It creates a lot of inconvenience to the customers. Fortunately, now they have given multiple options for sending payments.

Discounts and deals:

Discounts and deals are also offered to customers. Quantity discounts are also available. The orders above 10 kilograms or more are entitled to the massive discounts offered by the store. They also give promotion chances to the customers. Promotion chances are the excelled advertising policy for buyers.